Magenta Talks: Sustainability

Magenta Talks: Sustainability

Huge has always celebrated and emphasized Earth day and our commitment to sustainable practices. Specifically, with sustainability as one of our core values, we wanted to promote our People and our POV on the topic. For Q2 of 2021, Huge welcomes Magena Talks: Sustainability, with two sessions looking at sustainability as it relates to internal agency practice and discussion of client POV and follow through. Read more about our four sessions below. 

Sustainability Unplugged Part I

Huge has always celebrated and emphasized Earth day and our commitment to sustainable practices. Yet, with working from home being the norm and the return to office reality nearing, how do we at Huge work to operate a sustainable business? With everything changing after the Covid-19 pandemic, what can we as an agency do to elevate our in-office sustainable practices and how can our external teams put sustainability at the forefront of our core values? Magenta x Green members Andrea Kang and Winter Stockwell will discuss post-pandemic behaviors and trends, as well as practical sustainability applications for account teams. This conversation will be moderated by Huge Chief Data Officer Michael Horn. Thursday, April 22nd at 4 pm ET.

Participants: Michael Horn, Chief Data Officer, Huge Winter Stockwell, GVP Real Estate, Huge  Andrea Kang, Senior UX Designer, Huge 

Sustainability Unplugged Part II 

Sustainable practices have become increasingly more important and talked about by brands. But, they can’t be all talk. Brands need to create a POV on sustainability that carries through their entire brand. How can their product provoke change in the world? Will they, by having a point of view on sustainable practices, make a change, even if its only a small one? Magenta Talks invites Matt Hexemer and Mike May as they look into brand POV and follow through as it relates to sustainable product development. Thursday, May 4 at 4:30pm ET. Participants: Matt Hexemer, Executive Creative Director, Huge Mike May, GVP Strategy, Huge

Dayrize Empowers Purchasing Decisions

Huge and Dayrize engage in a fireside chat after Earth Day to highlight their unique  business model and market position in the sustainability space, sharing how the brand is helping consumers make better purchasing decisions. Date/Time is TBD.

Participants: Megan Malli, GVP, Client Services, Huge  Austin Simms, COO at Dayrize.com

A Sustainable Hobby: Drinking Natural Wine 

The modern natural wine movement is capturing the attention of more sustainably conscious wine-drinkers. As an ancient & traditional sector, natural wine relies less on additives and therefore, inherently helps preserve the environment. For wine aficionados to beginners, this session debunks the myths around natural wine, highlights how the enduring trend is contributing to a more sustainable world in the wake of climate change, and takes attendees through a virtual tasting of an accessible natural wine. Date/Time is TBD.

Participants: COMING SOON