Mimi Moore.

Global Head of Recruiting and Team Design

Mimi knows what it takes to find and retain Huge talent. She has led her team through our transition to a fully flexible working environment by hiring with a remote-first approach. With over 15 years of experience in global talent resourcing and team design, she also understands that talent is our company’s greatest asset, and works every day to ensure the people behind our Team Design and Recruiting function feel empowered to find, recruit, and deploy the best of the best.

Before Huge, Mimi built and implemented recruiting strategies that led to hiring key talent at global companies like Forrester Research and Winter Wyman. At DigitasLBi US, she worked her way up from a Senior Recruiting position in Boston to become the Associate Director for Staffing and Resource Management at DigitasLBi US for the entire New York region.

Since joining Huge in 2017, Mimi has held multiple Team Design roles where she has overseen all aspects of the hiring process and driven a people-first approach to resourcing. Recently, she has played a pivotal role in defining the strategy behind sourcing and maintaining talent at a global scale.

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