Get schooled.

Huge Schools are paid, accelerated training programs for talented people who want to change the digital landscape. Each summer, select candidates from around the world come together to experience ten weeks of intensive, hands-on training in their chosen discipline.

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  • Peers as leaders.

    Those who can do, teach better. Your class leaders are discipline leaders at Huge. They'll teach you industry fundamentals, problem solving, and how to work on a team.

  • Real world problems.

    Learn the basics and apply them to real world problems. It's what you need to get started and more effective than an internship.

The timeline.

  • Jan 22

    Applications due.

  • Jun 12

    First day of school.

  • Aug 18


  • Experience Design, Brooklyn.

    2017 marks the 6th year of Huge’s Experience Design apprenticeship program in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re serious about learning how to turn concepts into products and bring ideas to life, apply now to join talented designers and developers from around the world for this 10 week apprenticeship program.

    Apply Now.

  • Hello London

    Experience Design, London.

    In 2017, we’re bringing Huge’s Experience Design program to London for the first time. You’ll work out of our office in Shoreditch alongside program graduates from previous years and learn directly from some of the most senior practitioners in the Huge network. Find out what it takes to bring industry changing products and experiences to life.

    Apply Now.

Cristina Shin
“It was really intense, but nothing prepared me more for working full-time at Huge.”Cristina Shin Graduate, UX School 2014


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