An AI so­cial ex­per­i­ment.

How do you create a buzzworthy panel on AI for a top awards show? By launching a social experiment that lets attendees experience the power of AI for themselves.


An AI social experiment.

Bringing the AI debate to life through an unconventional panel discussion.

Each year, D&AD hosts a premier awards festival for advertisers and designers. Founded nearly 60 years ago, the nonprofit has long set standards for the creative industry. But now, D&AD wanted to reposition their brand as a thought leader on issues impacting the industry’s future — and they enlisted us to make that happen.

Our task? To put together a panel for the D&AD awards festival exploring AI’s potential impact on the creative industry.

If you want to stand out as a thought leader in any field, let alone a creative field, you can’t do what’s been done before. So in advance of our panel, “Can AI humanize us?” we invited attendees to participate in an AI social experiment that brought the issues to life and fueled the panel discussion. Essentially, we created a debate before the debate. And it worked.





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Cutting through the noise.

D&AD had given us a compelling topic to work with. AI’s rise has divided nearly everyone, from creative professionals to tech moguls to private citizens. Some view it as a force for good. Others fear it will be used for exploitation.

But the media is oversaturated with stories and discussions about AI. Our challenge was finding a way to cut through the noise and provide new insight with our panel discussion.

Bringing the AI debate to life.

People learn by doing. By engaging. So instead of keeping things theoretical, we brought that AI’s impact to life with a pop-up social experiment. Prior to the panel discussion, attendees were invited to watch a set of ads. While they watched the ads, we watched them. Leveraging the power of AI, we tracked facial movement and sweat activity. We then used that data to predict people’s emotional responses to the ads. The experiment gave attendees a look into how AI might be used in the creative industry to fine-tune advertisements in order to elicit a desired emotional response. A little dystopian? Yes. But that was the point.

Later, attendees convened for the panel, where experts used results and feedback from the social experiment to launch a debate on AI’s use in the creative industry. Our immersive approach paid off. By the time the panel rolled around, attendees were already deep in debate. The panel hit full capacity, with many more requests for attendance than there were spots. It trended #1 on Twitter during the festival, and went on to become the festival’s second best attended talk.


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