Get­ty Im­ages.
Boris the Brand.

Getty wanted to be more culturally relevant. So we used their images to create satirical brand guidelines for the UK’s most talked about politician.


Boris the brand.

Hijacking the UK's biggest brand to demonstrate the power of Getty's culturally relevant content.

How do you put a traditional stock photo site like Getty at the forefront of the national conversation? You create tongue-in-cheek brand guidelines for the most powerful living brand in the UK — just in time for his inauguration.

A real-time brand and retail experience, used Getty’s most iconic images of Boris Johnson to connect his every action right back to Getty.


  • Branding.

Modernizing Getty’s image.

Most people knew Getty as a traditional stock photo site, but Getty was ready to shake up that perception. They wanted to establish themselves as the world’s richest source of culturally relevant, up-to-the-minute imagery.

So we figured: why not target the most photographed person in the UK, on the biggest news day of the year?

Using Boris’ brand to build Getty’s.

The moment Boris Johnson became PM, we launched

Getty’s Human Brand Guidelines used the platform’s best images of Boris to illustrate the fundamentals of his carefully curated (albeit outlandish) personal brand, including art direction, color palette, tone of voice, and photography. The site was powered by rapid, live content updates. And every image was shoppable, driving traffic directly to Getty.

Increase in traffic.

Brand of chaos.

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