Mo­bile Lux­u­ry.

We created a mobile commerce experience for Gucci that's as seamless as it is luxurious.


Luxury on the go.

Crafting a best-in-industry commerce experience for mobile.

Gucci needed a digital revamp. Mobile was increasingly becoming the main source of online sales, but Gucci's ecommerce platform was only optimized for desktop. Our task? To redesign Gucci’s ecommerce platform, allowing the brand to seize on an untapped mobile sales opportunity. Using rich media, powerful storytelling, and user insights, we built an experience that balances luxury and simplicity.


  • Commerce.
  • Content strategy.
  • Data science & analytics.
  • Technology.

Bringing the in-store experience to mobile devices.

Our challenge was to bring the luxury, service, and ease of the in-store shopping experience to smartphones and tablets. Sound tricky? It was. After all, Gucci stores are globally renowned. We quickly realized that this was an exercise in balance. The mobile Gucci experience needed to maintain a luxury feel and tell a

compelling story about the brand while keeping the user journey simple and intuitive for mobile. Scalability was important, too. We had to design Gucci’s mobile ecommerce environment so it could provide a consistent, responsive experience for consumers around the world.

Powerful storytelling meets seamless design.

Our approach? Combine an intuitive ecommerce experience with rich product storytelling through imagery and editorial content. The redesigned site features immersive videos, 360-degree views, active zoom, and a new blog to connect the catalogue to deeper stories of craftsmanship and history. We made the products the heroes of every page, spotlighting big, high-resolution images and letting description and price fall below the fold. And since Gucci customers

(and luxury shoppers in general) tend to purchase only one expensive item at a time, we condensed the checkout process into 3 simple steps. To ensure the new was scalable, we collaborated closely with stakeholders across the organization to identify and prioritize business, operational, and technical requirements. Then, we helped Gucci choose the best technology platform to power their new site.

Increase in traffic.
Increase in conversion rates.


We worked with Nike to tap straight into the core fanbase of sneakerheads with a powerful new digital platform. Exclusive drop information, shoe customization options, and one touch buying helped engage the die hards throughout the experience.