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  • Products & platforms.
  • Commerce.
  • Loyalty.
  • XD.

McDonald’s wanted to transform its global customer experience across web, mobile app and in-restaurant touchpoints. In 2017, Huge was announced as McDonald’s Global UX Design partner.

We are proud to be modernizing and evolving McDonald's holistic employee and customer experiences across digital, physical and internal operations, as well as helping to evolve their digital brand. We leverage user insights, research, business strategy and decades of UX leadership to collaborate with the McDonald’s Global Innovation, Digital and Marketing teams to help bring these experiences to life. We are focused on helping McDonald’s achieve its goal of providing best-in-class experience in the Quick Service Restaurant category.

At the start of our relationship, we fully immersed ourselves in all aspects of McDonald’s business, brand, operations and digital vision for the future. Focusing on McDonald’s existing digital ecosystem, work done to date and future roadmap, we’ve established a team structure and playbook to guide Huge's and McDonald’s collective team operations and to refine McDonald’s roadmap. The work we do for McDonald’s falls into three overarching themes: incrementally evolving digital channels, creating global experience strategies for the future, and operationalizing McDonald’s product organization.


  • Products & platforms.
  • Commerce.
  • Loyalty.
  • XD.

Global site redesign.

One of our first initiatives in 2017, was to design McDonald’s new global website platform. The goal was to create a single, cohesive design using the AEM platform, leveraging standardized tools that all markets could publish to without impacting the consistent brand experience. We were able to minimize the need for custom components and development, allowing new features to be implemented with reduced time and cost – a key pain point for markets. The result: One elegant design, on a single tech stack, across hundreds of countries.

UX Design.


Our designers have been focused on rethinking the ecommerce approach for key points of the customer journey across the McDonald’s Global Mobile App and self-service kiosks found within thousands of restaurants around the world. Our team of experience designers partner with McDonald’s product leads to marry both the business and customer needs. Our digital commerce strategies prioritize user-centricity and seamless ordering to make it easy for customers to enjoy McDonald's how, when, and where they want it.

Path to frictionless.

As we began our engagement with McDonald’s, we tackled an end-to-end experience assessment of their current customer experience across their digital ecosystem. The goal was to set a user-centered vision and a plan to evolve the Global Mobile App and Kiosk into a frictionless user experience, in service of increasing conversion and engagement. We evaluated the core digital strategy, the segmentation approach, plus existing data and began to map out customer journeys leveraging several common ordering paths. After the evaluation, we identified and fixed the key points of friction to improve the customer experience and to increase business revenue. We created a 2-year North Star roadmap focused on those priorities broken down into basic optimizations, enhancements or new feature developments. This North Star model enabled us to modernize and evolve McDonald’s global digital products.

Ordering & Delivery.

More ways to order, faster, and easier.

Just a few years ago, McDonald's customer touchpoints, channels and operations were focused on drive-thru and front-counter business. Today, customer needs, preferences and flexibility has increased—in addition to the expansion of numerous features and fulfillment options. We began by addressing primary elements of the Global Mobile App to help meet these changing needs—the homepage, as well as single product and meal ordering flows. Our goal was to reduce the cognitive load to the customer and also reduce the number of taps needed to order common products. We streamlined the homepage with personalized and timely content, and introduced ordering features like a quick action sheet that allows a customer to add a Big Mac to their bag in only 3 quick taps. As the App has evolved with improved ordering capabilities and new product needs, we’ve seamlessly expanded the experience to allow customers to order through multiple channels, including delivery and drive thru.

Branding & CX.

Digital brand evolution.

In partnership with McDonald's Global Brand, we developed the first real digital representation of this world-renowned iconic brand. This new digital brand representation has been designed to flex across all platforms, markets, languages and different customer needs. Along with guidelines, we developed a single collection of digital product patterns and rules that could be utilized at scale to build applications and features. With multiple digital products continually being developed across the globe, it is imperative to ensure a consistent representation of the brand and efficiently deliver UI to be deployed in over 85 markets at any given time.

Global Kiosks.

The Kiosk experience can be found in thousands of restaurants around the world. In partnership with Kiosk product managers, we improved the experience to emulate the brand's promise of creating feel-good moments when ordering at the restaurant. We have achieved this by focusing on bringing to life the brand's look and feel and reducing friction in the ordering process. We started by focusing on some key areas where we knew comprehension was problematic in addition to reducing unnecessary steps. Previously users built their meal on the Kiosk, but then struggled to understand if they completed all the steps and if all their inputs were captured. Our goal was to celebrate the food but also highlight the final meal and selections in a visually clear way. We also looked at high-traffic times where the Kiosk can help prevent congestion at the front counter and provide a faster experience for commonly placed orders. Our task was to improve findability and increase convenience. Through extensive testing and market validation, we were able to implement clear visual category hierarchy, flexible ways to switch order types and make it simple for a customer to order their regular coffee in two steps instead of 5.

McCafé for kiosk and app.

In 2019, we designed a new digital rewards program for McCafé customers only available via the Global Mobile App. The experience now includes a pre-ordering feature and an incentivized loyalty program.