Quick­en Loans.
The Trans­la­tor.

Rocket Mortgage wanted to cut the complex mortgage speak to reach millennials in a new way. Cue commedian Keegan Michael-Key and a Super Bowl spot.


The translator.

Huge partnered with Quicken Loans to help the brand communicate how Rocket Mortgage could help first-time loan applicants navigate the complex world of mortgages.

Rocket Mortgage

Huge partnered with Quicken Loans to establish Rocket Mortgage as the right tool for millennial loan seekers by helping them navigate the complex world of mortgages. With millennials hitting life’s major milestones like getting married, growing their families and buying a home, we knew that the most important user need for this group is simplicity—cutting out the intimidating legalese and financial jargon and truly explaining the process.

To do this we enlisted someone that millennials tracked with, comedian Keegan Michael-Key, to team up with Rocket Mortgage as the ultimate translator. Together, Keegan and Rocket Mortgage translated everyday life’s more confounding moments from hip-hop, to art galleries, Super Bowl football jargon and eventually the mortgage process itself.

We developed a year-long omni-channel campaign, kicking off with a Super Bowl :60 commercial in 2018, followed by ten TV spots, five digital spots, more than 220 display and banner ads and eight months of social activations and real-time moment-based response content strategies.


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Quicken Loans Translator


Football Translations.


YouTube’s adBlitz.
USA Today’s ad meter.
Daily sales in company history.

This is the funniest, most creative work we’ve done in 32 years.

Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans.

Get­ty Im­ages.
Boris the Brand.

We turned one of the most talked about politicians into satirical brand guidelines for Getty, one of the UK's most powerful brands.