Quick­en Loans.
The Trans­la­tor.

With Rocket Mortgage, Quicken Loans wanted to cut the complex mortgage speak to reach millennials in a new way. Cue comedian Keegan Michael-Key and a Super Bowl spot.


The translator.

Simplifying the mortgage process for a new generation of applicants.

Rocket Mortgage

Starting with a Super Bowl spot, Quicken Loans wanted us to help establish Rocket Mortgage as the go-to tool for millennial loan seekers. How do you reach a generation navigating one of life’s major milestones for the first time? You make things as simple as possible.

Through our marketing campaign, we wanted to show how Rocket Mortgage cuts out intimidating jargon and explains the mortgage process in a simple, human way. Comedy has long been used to make tough topics digestible, so we enlisted a comedian and influencer who resonates with millennials: Keegan Michael-Key.


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Quicken Loans Translator


Launching a campaign to translate the mortgage process.

Keegan teamed up with Rocket Mortgage as the ultimate translator, helping viewers make sense of daily life’s more confounding moments. He simplified everything from hip-hop, to art galleries, to Super Bowl football jargon — and last but not least, the mortgage process itself.

The omni-channel campaign ran across a range of platforms for over a year. After the inaugural :60 Super Bowl commercial in 2018, we followed up with 10 TV spots, 5 digital ads, more than 220 display and banner ads, and 8 months of social media activations.

Football Translations.


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Daily sales in company history.

This is the funniest, most creative work we’ve done in 32 years.

Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans.

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