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Introducing Shipt, nationwide.

Shipt started in 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama, as a retail and grocery delivery service. In late 2017, Target acquired Shipt. Shortly after, they launched same-day delivery nationwide. After a year of rapid expansion, Shipt reached out to us to revamp their brand identity and build brand awareness in order to support the next stage of their tremendous growth.

Shipt offers something special to customers: a personal connection to shoppers. Since Shipt’s start, shoppers and customers have formed special relationships with one another, built on kindness and mutual respect. In our research, we discovered customers don’t want just anyone to do their shopping—they want to work with someone they can trust to keep their interests in mind. In other words, customers want a “shoppelgänger.” Our research validated Shipt’s unique value in the delivery space. It informed our strategic approach from start to finish, anchoring every part of our work.


  • Branding.
  • Campaign.
  • Integrated marketing.
  • Strategy.
  • XD.


A new brand foundation.

We worked with Shipt to evolve their brand identity for a broader national audience. We used Shipt’s brand pillars to anchor us as we infused vibrancy, sophistication—and a little bit of fun—into a fresh new design. After weeks of sketching and exploration, a new logo was born—a shopping bag shaped from a clean “S” stroke. This new logo set the visual foundation for every Shipt touchpoint, from shopping bags to their mobile app—to the top of their headquarters building in Birmingham. Shipt’s new logo is the center of an entirely new brand identity, complete with fresh colors, iconography, typography, motion and illustration rules, and tone and voice. All wrapped into a single, comprehensive brand guidebook.

Shipt Brand.


Together, we created a detailed design system that's flexible enough to meet all our creative needs but specific enough to build a foundation of design consistency across our entire brand.

Shawn Woznicki, Sr. Director of Brand Design, Shipt.


Everyone, meet Shipt.

With a brand new look, it was time to re-introduce Shipt. We partnered with Shipt to tell their story of “over-delivering delivery.” The national campaign focused on exactly what makes Shipt special: local shoppers shopping at local stores, going above and beyond to get customers what they need. We highlighted what Shipt does differently—putting customer service, reliability, and a human touch above all else. Ads ran across all channels, including TV, digital, social media, radio, and billboards. Ads were specially designed to target local consumers—and to promote local businesses, too.



In living and breathing the Shipt experience, Huge helped us distill the best of our business and translate it into a unique and ownable brand, paving the way for the tremendous growth ahead.

Sheila Grady, VP of Brand & Product Marketing.



Making an impact through out of home.

Next, it was time to amplify Shipt’s message to outdoor placements. Huge generated a massive amount of out of home creative that appeared in key markets across the nation, including full train station takeovers in Philadelphia.


Campaigns done differently.

With the stress and uncertainty of the 2020 climate, people were looking more than ever for time-saving solutions. After a successful Q1 launch, we worked with Shipt to build a fall marketing campaign to encourage customers to choose Shipt for their grocery and retail delivery needs. But how did we set Shipt apart? By highlighting what they do differently—putting customer service and reliability as their top priorities and adding a more human element to performance marketing. Fifteen second digital videos, social story spots, an interactive Snapchat lens, audio ads, and display ads launched to showcase local shoppers bringing things people need from the local stores they love.

Any Banana.


Socializing Shipt to the world.

Fifteen second digital videos, social story spots, an interactive Snapchat lens, audio ads, and display ads launched to showcase local shoppers bringing things people need from the local stores they love.

What's next.

We're keeping the foot on the gas.

With a new brand, identity, campaigns, and more, the foundation is now set for Shipt to reach the next stage of their growth and potential. Building on this momentum, Huge and Shipt look to amplify Shipt to the masses, identifying areas of opportunity and helping solidify Shipt as a household name in retail and grocery delivery.

Huge will closely partner with Shipt on their communication roadmap — setting a clear path for activities to fuel their expansion. It’s our mission to help Shipt bring a little bit of their magic and personal touch to everyone.

This is Not Jeep.

When an emoji didn't cut it for a legendary brand like Jeep, the only thing to do was give it back. We launched #ThisisnotaJeep campaign to create a social and cultural wave of resistance. It worked.