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Amplifying audio.

Our partnership with Spotify is about one thing: amplifying audio. Since 2019, we’ve worked with Spotify to develop long term strategies to bring more audio to everyone.

Recent work includes the launch of Spotify Advertising, a new, one-stop platform for brands to reach more customers. We also launched an expanded version of Culture Next, an industry-leading insights and trend report. And we helped develop a special B2B edition of Spotify Wrapped.

Music is a barometer of pop culture—and people’s taste and listening habits reflect larger trends. Spotify, as the most-used music platform in the world, has unique insight into what drives culture at any given moment. Spotify uses their knowledge to partner with third-party brands to develop smart, relevant marketing strategies, products, and creative ad campaigns targeting Gen Z and Millenials. They came to us to strengthen and expand this offering. 

Before working with us, Spotify had three separate portals for advertisers: Spotify for Brands, Spotify for Creatives, and Spotify Ad Studio. We helped unify these digital experiences, creating a single destination for all advertisers, helping brands grow their audiences more easily. 


  • Products & platforms.
  • B2B.
  • Technology.
  • XD.


First, we researched. We worked alongside Spotify to understand the motivations and goals among our target users: brands using Spotify to grow their audience. Our research insights helped us develop consistent design and messaging to create a new, cohesive experience called Spotify Advertising. We successfully launched the Spotify Advertising website across 12 locales. We’ve continued to partner with Spotify to manage and improve the entire user experience—through testing, iterative design, and ongoing content strategy and content creation.

Increase in direct sales leads.
Increase in new account signups.
Products & Platforms.

Data for every industry.

Brands tap into cultural moments and trends to create exciting, relevant campaigns. We worked with Spotify to create a new tool to help brands make their next marketing campaign smarter. We designed a new Command Center experience to deliver easy-to-understand, market-specific data to brand leaders across industries. This new data and insights experience empowers brands to formulate—and execute—culturally relevant strategies.

Products & Platforms.

Wrapping up insights for advertisers.

In 2020, we helped Spotify expand their annual Wrapped campaign to a whole new audience: B2B. Wrapped for Advertisers offers specialized insights to brand marketers, creatives, and advertisers. We partnered with Spotify to design, build, and launch a microsite to deliver this experience. With Wrapped for Advertisers, advertisers can explore a range of trends, gaining a deeper understanding of how people—from foodies to fitness enthusiasts—consume audio content and more. These insights help advertisers fuel new, smarter marketing campaigns, powered by Spotify.

Scott Sports.
Aero Hel­met.

We partnered with Scott Sports to create the first human-centric aero helmet which meant creating a product that was not only protective, but also smart.