Val­ue Re­tail.

With a mobile first approach, we helped Value Retail create a new digital experience across 11 of its global websites.


Luxury shopping, digitized.

Bridging the physical and digital divide through a website experience that gave consumers a window into the world of every Village.

With 11 Villages worldwide, Value Retail has made its name as a creator of luxury, outdoor shopping destinations that house iconic brands such as Chanel, Montblanc, and Alexander McQueen. Tasked with converting digital interest into physical footfall, we followed the company’s belief in the “power of imagination” to deliver a digital embodiment of its physical destinations: The Bicester Village Shopping Collection.


  • Products & platforms.
  • Research.
  • Strategy.
  • Technology.
  • XD.

Designing an immersive digital experience for customers across the globe.

With a mobile first approach, we created a digital destination that gave consumers the sensory experience of being at the Village, adopting immersive imagery, playful interaction, and bold animation. To accomplish this, we followed a series of research, design, UX, and development sprints, in close partnership with Value Retail. We also used a flexible

modular design framework supported by an extensive intelligent CMS, which allowed each Village to partner with us on content and editorial needs. The result? Localized solutions that could flex for different destination priorities and partners across 11 global sites.


The Bicester Village Shopping Collection brought the Villages closer to everyone. Not only did our unified brand experience create consistency across Value Retail’s global business, but it also delivered a scalable platform that can grow as they do.

Scott Sports.
Aero Hel­met.

We partnered with Scott Sports to create the first human-centric aero helmet which meant creating a product that was not only protective, but also smart.