Ver­mont Cast­ings.


Total brand experience.

Raising a barbecue brand from the ashes.

After being dormant for over 10 years, Huge was tasked to breathe new life into the storied barbecue brand Vermont Castings. Working with the new owners, Canadian Tire, we re-imagined the total brand experience, starting with a new brand strategy and identity system, and most importantly, developing and designing a new product line of grills and accessories.


Built to last.

The Vermont Castings brand was born in a foundry. Our industrial design team used their design heritage and manufacturing processes as inspiration to build a sustainable product that would perform and outlast their owners. Cast iron, a material known for its heat retention properties defined the hood and was set upon a welded, steel-tube frame, setting the product apart in quality, and longevity.

An ecosystem of physical products and brand elements.

With Vermont Castings we created a holistic barbecue brand. This included all accessories needed to prepare and make the delicious food, and its packaging for retail environments that was distinct, clear, yet held together. Importantly, there were robust visual brand guidelines to empower everyone from management to the factory floor with design direction that provided continuity at every level, and in every possible place.

Total brand experience.

When creating the physical product line, we simultaneously created a robust design system that differentiated and flexed onto everything from steel to leather, that could be cast, stamped or even branded. Because this was a brand that rose from the ashes, the Phoenix logo became the storytelling signature for everything.

The goal.

To update the product range and identity to capture the brand’s rugged history.

Number of stores where product launched.
BBQ and accessories created.
Packaging SKUs designed.