Huge develops a mobile newspaper experience that gives users an essential digest to start the day.

Huge’s team in Rio de Janeiro worked with one of Brazil's most respected newspapers Estadão to create a comprehensive mobile experience for its readers. 

Our UX and design teams’ goal was to make the mobile experience seamless and encourage social shares, while also designing for the fast-paced nature of breaking-news content. The teams also wanted to integrate the most popular elements of the print edition into mobile. These goals came in large part from our research, which showed that readers look for quick updates in the morning and periodically throughout the day and want to share content that's important to them or that they like. 

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Our teams created the “Saiba Agora” section (similar to a “Trending Now” section), which acts as the newspaper cover and is consistently updated. Readers can choose the order in which they wish to see the content and select their favorite sections, making Estadão mobile a customizable experience. To facilitate sharing, each article page features easily accessible buttons for the social networks most used in Brazil, including Facebook and WhatsApp. The graphic design of Estadão's print edition, considered one of the best in Brazil, inspired our mobile design as well.

We added Estadão’s comics, a beloved feature of the print edition, to the mobile site, a first for Brazilian newspapers. For article pages, we wanted to bring the best reading experience combined with subtle ads that don’t interrupt the flow of the reader. To keep readers engaged with the mobile site, article pages have a side bar that features content from other topic areas, so that they can quickly jump to another subject. 

Estadao Results

Readers have praised the ease and new functions of Estadão’s mobile experience, and we quickly saw how effective it was in the above metrics. Additionally, it brought new services to Estadão’s readers. From the ability to customize your newspaper sections to the novelty of comics in mobile and the utility of a weather forecast at your fingers, the mobile design helped transform Estadão into not just an essential newspaper, but an essential go-to throughout the day.

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