Huge optimizes and brings luxury to mobile.

Huge partnered with Gucci to optimize the international luxury brand's digital offering for mobile to boost sales and drive conversion on smartphones and tablets around the world. 

With a larger, overall redesign on the horizon, there were two big constraints on the mobile project—we could only use existing code and photography, and it had to be done in two months. Within these limits, the design and user experience challenge was to maintain a premium feel while also streamlining the purchase path; browsing, checking out and sharing favorite products on social channels all needed to be smooth and intuitive. 

Applying learning from previous luxury e-commerce projects like, we made the products the heroes of every page, spotlighting big, high-resolution images and letting description and price fall below the fold. Knowing that Gucci customers (and luxury shoppers in general) tend to purchase only one expensive item at a time, we expedited the checkout process and condensed it into three simple steps. To customize the experience for global customers, we developed versions for multiple regions across Asia, Europe and the Americas, complying with the extensive region-specific rules governing online transactions (notably in Korea, Japan and Italy). Finally, in order to facilitate repeat purchases, we made sure the mobile sites stored personal and billing information. We delivered all this for iOS and Android devices within the two-month window.

Gucci Stats

A month later, revenue from mobile had increased almost fourfold thanks to a 150% increase in traffic and a 70% increase in conversion rates. The fashion and digital commentariat—both notoriously hard to please—praised the mobile site, calling out the lush visuals, product focus and sleek, streamlined checkout experience. Several awards followed, including the prestigious Digiday MOBI Award for Best Mobile Website.

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