Huge Launches Magenta.

Publication will be home to stories about design, technology, and people.

Sam Weston
October 11, 2016

October 11, 2016. Brooklyn. Huge today announced the launch of Magenta on Magenta is a new publication focused on stories about design, technology and people, published by Huge’s editorial team.

Magenta will highlight the stories of the people behind the products and services changing the way people use technology, as well as the stories of people affected by technology.

“There’s no shortage of coverage of tech or design trends,” said Executive Editor Erin Collier. “We’re not trying to compete with technology publications. We created Magenta in order to be able to feature the stories that we at Huge wanted to read, but couldn’t find anywhere else. Specifically, stories about the people who are designing and building the products and services we all know and love. And, just as importantly, we wanted to spotlight the real people who are using (or in many cases not using) the things our industry is churning out.”

Huge partnered with Medium on the initiative in order to take advantage the channel’s broad readership in the design and technology communities.

“You’ll still be able to find content on tailored to meet the needs of clients and digital decision makers,” said Collier. “We have plenty of exciting news to announce there in the future as well, but that kind of content only meets the needs of part of our readership. Magenta is focused on inspiring and informing the people who are the day to day practitioners in digital.”

At launch, Magenta features five kinds of content: feature articles by Huge employees, like Managing Director of Data Science Michael Horn’s look at Artificial Intelligence, exposes on the people behind the things we love, like Maira Kalman, who designs the covers of The New Yorker, interviews with everyday people in cities around the world about how they use technology, as well as essays on design envy by people we respect, and stories about products and services that solve real problems, like Belinda Lanks’ feature on What3Words.

The Huge editorial team assigned to Magenta includes Executive Editor Erin Collier, who recently joined Huge from Fast Company, where she served as Senior Editor, Senior Editor and Creative Lead Belinda Lanks, who has served in editorial roles at Fast Company, Wired, and Bloomberg Businessweek, and Editor Mariam Aldhahi, who previously wrote for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

About Huge: Huge is a global experience agency providing business strategy, design, marketing and technology services to some of the world’s largest businesses and best-known brands. The company is known for successfully harmonizing user needs and business goals to create industry-changing products, services, and campaigns for its clients. Huge has offices based in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia, and is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies.