Adrienne Imbriaco.

Global Chief Talent Officer

Adrienne is responsible for leading our global talent partner function alongside other HR operations. She works to create alignment and cohesion across our global talent hubs, ensuring that the employee experience is both seamless and best-in-class. In her role, she oversees all administrative HR operations, including the management, strategy, and implementation of global talent initiatives, such as expanding our leave and time-off policies.

Before joining Huge in 2019, Adrienne operated as Associate Director, People & Culture, at Big Spaceship, where she facilitated employee annual review processes and developed and executed a framework for organisational growth. Her work increased staff and management accountability, built in levels of support, and set clear expectations and right-sized responsibilities for each employee.

Previously, as a Human Resources Manager, she managed all US HR requirements and changes, through due diligence and post-acquisition, for Fjord by Accenture. There, she established employee salary bands, instituted a leave and termination process, and developed a complete employee handbook — including policies, procedures, and a culture guide.

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