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The Work

  • GooglePartnering with Google to drive their biggest bets, from everyday products to platforms of the future.
    100+Engagements with Google products, brands and teams served.
  • PantoneMerging Artificial Intelligence with art to redefine the way the world sees color.
    25%Rise in searches for Color of the Year.
    Pantone Hero
  • HublotDisrupting tradition by architecting a bold, new digital brand expression.
    103%Increase YOY eCommerce sales.
  • M&M'STurning connection into commerce through a brand-forward, human-centered experience.
    15%increase conversion following .com redesign
  • McDonald’sReinventing McDonald’s ordering experience into a 
multi-billion dollar sales channel.
    40%of sales attributed to digital alone, in 2023 (Q1).
  • LEGOArchitecting an entirely new path to engagement for the world’s most loved toy brand.
    2.2Maudience global launch at Minecraft Live.
  • VerizonBringing truth to a world of misinformation through an innovative tool, with transparency at its core.
    1billion media impressions.
  • TezosShifting public perception of NFTs and driving adoption, for a brand that represents the future of Web3.
    7,699NFTs minted and distributed across experiences.
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