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What is a huge move? That is the question we sought to answer in the pages of this new publication. In business and in life, huge moves are what define us. At Huge, this is not a catchphrase, but our purpose. We seek to help brands make huge moves in the world. But first, we must define what that means at this moment in time.

Photography by Weston Wells

This inaugural issue features 10 Huge Moves for 2023. Expressed as 10 long-form features, each “move” covers the people and actions we believe will shape the world in the year ahead. We are grappling with some of the biggest ideas and issues of our time, including supply-chain innovation (p. 14), circular fashion (p. 22), modular design (p. 44), the evolution of smart contracts (p. 72), and the new realities of our modern workplace (p. 88).

This is not a moment to merely report what we see. We are going deep, with careful analysis and a considered point of view. We see the world through the lens of design and technology and embrace the drumbeat of humans and machines working together. We welcome technological progress with a healthy dose of skepticism, first questioning whether its breakthroughs will improve lives.

We’ve all struggled with the unexpected challenges of a global pandemic, and yet, ever aware of our common frailties, we can’t help but be bullish on the future. At Huge, we believe in the power of storytelling. And with each new subject, we’re telling stories about tomorrow. Preparation, after all, is a mark of resilience.

The cover of our inaugural issue captures this spirit. The images were created as a collaboration between human designers and artificial intelligence. A human prompted AI-enabled software with a few lines of text describing the concept of “moves,” which generated images conceived by the machine. Subsequently, designers took these images as inspiration and redesigned them to suit their own imaginations; what you see on the cover is the result of that exchange.

Huge Moves lives at the intersection of creativity and technology, and our inaugural cover celebrates this evolving identity.

But what would be the point of launching if the magazine itself weren’t a huge move? It’s huge because it rejects the notion that we can only absorb clickbait, and instead bets on our ability to embrace long-form storytelling. But most importantly, our content isn’t an advertisement.

As opposed to branded content that is influenced or sponsored by a specific brand or company, our magazine is editorially independent. It has been reported, written and edited by professional journalists and experts in their respective fields — some of whom are on staff at Huge. Our intention is not only to provoke, but to earn your trust.

I hope Huge Moves fires your curiosity about the future and helps you prepare for it. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to make huge moves of your own.

Happy reading,

Jennifer Leigh Parker Editor in Chief, Huge Moves

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