Staying Accountable 2022.

On June 26, 2020, our statement, titled “Staying Accountable,” closed with the following ask, “We’re not asking anyone to tell us what we can do. All we ask is that you hold us accountable.” Two years later, we continue to believe transparency is the first step to accountability.

That is why we are again sharing our current state diversity data.

Sharing that data, both internally and externally, is just part of our ongoing action plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Huge. We will continue to publish this data annually to the public.

“Never Done” is a common refrain for us when it comes to doing the work of being an antiracist company, where DE&I is part of our DNA. Over the last two years, that work has included several key areas of focus, including continued internal and external transparency, education and awareness building, affinity group expansion and community impact.

As Huge looks to share its 2022 diversity data, we will review the information as a comparison from 2021. When we began our transparency journey in June 2020 the data available showed the total number of US full-time employees was 507. In 2022, we have 614 US full-time employees for which the below data is based upon as of June 1, 2022.

1. Overall U.S. employee base by gender and ethnicity.

Huge increased its female identifying population +1% from June 2021.

Huge increased its race/ethnicity representation by +4% from June 2021.

2. LGBTQ+ - Non-binary.

For the first time ever Huge is proud to share a breakdown of LGBTQ+ and non-binary reporting. In total, 9.5% of our total population identified as LGBTQ+ & non-binary, of those who elected to participate.

The graph below reflects the breakdown of only LGBTQ+ identified employees which represents any person(s) who participated in our self identification program as of June 1, 2022 to include those who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, non-binary, gender queer, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, with a gender identity not listed, or with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual that was not listed. The breakdown the data provided reflects that 6.7% of LGBTQ+ employees are gender non-conforming, 1.7% are transgender, 5% are pansexual, 31.7% are bisexual, and 55% are gay or lesbian.

We continue to look for ways to evolve our data collection across other data points in future reports.

3. Breakdown by intersectionality.

The chart shows the intersectionality between ethnicity and gender. You can see that we skew more female identifying across the majority of racial identities. Our Asian employees have increased, and we have maintained Black & Hispanic employee population.

4. Gender representation by seniority.

This chart represents the gender breakdown at three levels of seniority in the organization. The lower bar represents the Leads and below, which is our largest group within the organization, and skews female. The middle bar represents our Managers, which is our second biggest group, and is evenly split by gender. Our largest opportunity is the top bar which represents our Executives. We have decreased our female identifying executive representation by -1% and have committed to increasing female identifying representation through intentional recruitment and talent development.

5. Race / ethnicity representation by seniority.

This chart shows that we have made the most progress in race/ethnicity representation at the Manager level with an increase of +3% and Lead and below at +4% for BIPOC talent. Although we are up by +1% from 2021, we have lost ground at the Executive level since our original report, a gap that continues to be a priority to address.

6. New hires.

As of June 1, 2022, our diversity recruiting efforts reflect that while we’ve made overall improvements, there still remains opportunity to progress through the end of the year. As it relates to race/ethnicity, 41% of our YTD hires have been BIPOC, compared to 49% in 2021. From a gender perspective, females hired in 2022 are at 54% compared to 58% in 2021.

From a gender perspective, females hired in 2022 are at 54% compared to 58% in 2021.

7. Summary.

In summary, we are making progress on our commitments. We continue to materially increase the percentage of women in leadership with opportunities at the executive ranks, and we have grown our BIPOC representation across most levels. In addition, a continued focus on how we can improve transparency and equitable processes have led us to expand the report to include LGBTQ + data. Our goal is to make this additive and continue to find ways to share and track our progress.

While we’ve seen growth in both women and BIPOC employees we are aware that progress is still needed. In keeping with our commitment to increase women and BIPOC at the Executive levels within two years we will continue to double down on recruiting efforts with a unique focus on women in leadership and Black talent. In 2021, we signed the IN FOR 13 pledge committing Huge to raise the percentage of Black talent as whole and in leadership positions to 13% (reflective of the percentage of Black people in the US) by 2023.

Currently, we are tracking at 10% Black talent in the US which we will continue efforts to exceed and meet pledge commitments. Moreover, by adding new attention to internal mobility, promotions and hiring we are confident that we will fulfill our commitment.

Lastly, I’m proud of our newly announced transparent priorities as we move Huge to a singular integrated strategy for the global company. Our four core tenets by which we drive change in DE&I: Staying Accountable, Business Impact, Antiracist Company, and Social Impact. Under social impact, our “Give a Shit” focus will now be strategically centered on the pillars of Racial Equity & Justice, Voting Rights, Human Rights, and Climate & Sustainability. We understand by centering our focus in these key areas, we can increase our impact more profoundly.

At Huge, we are not lost that the progress we’ve made reflects the collective work of our highly engaged employees. As the organization grows and evolves we will continue to center diversity, equity and inclusion and in all that we do. We own that opportunity together.

The work is never done. Let’s make Huge Moves. Together.