Hublot has always ticked to their own beat. Through a 6-year partnership marked by a series of successful digital initiatives, we’ve helped bring the luxury watchmaker’s rebellious spirit to life.


Rebel innovation.

Driving the digital experience of the Hublot brand & business.

Known as a rebel in the luxury sector for its use of unconventional materials, Hublot stands above all as the world’s most innovative watch brand.  Six years ago, Hublot approached us to reinvent every touchpoint across their entire digital landscape. And like them, we set out to break conventions.

Our partnership with Hublot began with a complete website redesign. We’ve since supported Hublot through digital amplification of their key partnerships, including Ferrari, FIFA, and a host of world-renowned athletes and artists.

And in 2020, as the global pandemic upended virtually every industry, we rapidly responded to market changes by resetting Hublot’s entire approach to retail and event marketing.


  • Products & platforms.
  • Commerce.
  • Campaign.
  • Content strategy.
  • Experiential.


In 2014, we fully redesigned to bolster the bold, brave attitude of the brand through its digital experience. The new design better showcased the brand’s watches, craftsmanship, and industry-defining product innovations – allowing ardent fans and prospective customers alike to immerse themselves in Hublot’s world of invention. In 2020, as the pandemic plunged physical retail into crisis, we knew we needed to innovate again. We revamped to sell direct-to-consumer for the first time, shifting the focus from offline to online sales at a critical moment for the retail industry.

The results have far exceeded the expectations of the business.

Philippe Tardivel, Hublot CMO.

360 campaign.

Hublot 40 years.

Hublot has never stuck to convention. So when the global pandemic arrived during their 40th anniversary, Hublot refused to put their celebrations on hold. Instead, they worked with us to host an event so exclusive, no one was invited.

Taking exclusivity to the extreme.

In partnership with Hublot, we created the Unattended 40th. A physical event space curated by the renowned artist Samuel Ross, it told 40 key stories from Hublot’s past and present. No people in attendance? No problem. We broadcast the Unattended 40th live to the world and recreated the experience virtually, enabling people to digitally interact with every piece and follow through to purchase. The Unattended 40th became Hublot’s biggest event ever. Hublot sold more watches in the first 12 hours than an average physical retailer does in an entire month.


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