Disrupting tradition by architecting a bold, new digital brand expression.


Driving desirability and differentiated value through brand experience.

Underpinning omni-channel architecture with atomic design systems.

Transforming business models and rapidly standing up new channels.

The Partnership

A modern, luxury icon, Hublot’s relentless innovation has set them apart as the most unapologetic Swiss watchmaker and a standout brand within the LVMH portfolio.

But with consumer expectations rapidly changing, Hublot has had to evolve at pace to uncover new channels, business models and brand experiences to maintain their iconic status. 

To keep pace with the most discerning consumer expectations, we developed a holistic brand experience, powered by the brand’s unique DNA. Through an atomic design system adopted across platforms and retail tools, we brought consistency across environments. 

In March 2020, the industry’s shift from B2B trade fairs to direct consumer relationships rapidly accelerated, as physical retail closed overnight. Huge partnered with Hublot to accelerate a 3-5 year plan into four weeks, introducing e-commerce through, operationalizing the first digital-only D2C channel and laying the foundations for Hublot’s ambitious omnichannel future.  

The Work

Digital first brand system

Infusing the Hublot brand DNA into every interactive touchpoint.

Brand Ambassador unlocks

Defining new paths to audience engagement through high profile collaborations.

Enriched brand storytelling 

Social media and content marketing that enriches brand stories and products.

Disruptive innovation

Engaging luxury consumers in new forms of media and events.

B2B marketing

Extending the Hublot brand system to B2B audiences and channels.

The Results
103% increase
YOY eCommerce sales

80 million
Partnership campaign impressions

6 minutes
Sell out for eCommerce exclusives

8 years
A trusted partnership, influencing change across every touchpoint

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