Architecting an entirely new path to engagement for the world’s most loved toy brand.


Inspiring creative expression through the power of audio immersion.

Research driven insights to uncover an innovative path to play.

Bridging the shared values of LEGO and Minecraft through rich storytelling.

The Partnership

From the real world through to the virtual, both LEGO and Minecraft have always empowered the builders of tomorrow.

Through shared values they’ve established a partnership that’s crossed the divides of physical and digital build, creating connections with a global audience of millions.

But over time a pattern emerged. LEGO builders would migrate to Minecraft to expand their creativity, but rarely return. To reconnect the two in the minds of consumers, LEGO and Minecraft would cross a boundary never before explored. Music.

Research revealed that 65% of millennials and 56% of Gen Zs would curate music to game. Crucially, they’d use audio immersion as a method of refreshing their gaming experience.

To exploit the findings we reconnected the brands by creating a new way to play; a set of gaming soundtracks made entirely from LEGO Minecraft SFX. But beyond a set of tracks, they would act as a trigger for creative expression.

In collaboration with the renowned inventor and music composer Look Mum No Computer, we architected a custom built instrument created from LEGO Minecraft bricks. We then composed the sounds as different modes of play. ‘Focus’ ‘Joy’ and ‘Epic’ gave builders the opportunity to choose their state of mind.

The Work

Behavioral driven insights

Unlocking trends to define new ways to engage.

Partnership unlocks

Bridging audiences through strategies that speak to shared values.

The Results
2.2M audience
Global launch at Minecraft Live.

300K plays
Engagement across Spotify and YouTube.

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