Squir­rel Brand.
Ruby Royale.

Squirrel Nuts wanted to shake up the Valentine’s Day gift industry with their new blend, Ruby Royale. So we called Latrice.


Latrice + Ruby Royale.

Making an unconventional snack mix the breakthrough Valentine’s Day gift on Amazon.

Founded in 1888, Squirrel Brand has a long history of producing premier nut mixes. At the beginning of 2021, the brand was thriving among older consumers but needed to increase awareness among consumers aged 25-40. The introduction of Ruby Royale, a decadent snack mix featuring ruby cacao-covered almonds, pistachios, sweet cranberries, and vanilla-covered cranberries, represented an opportunity to inject new energy into the brand and capture more of the market.

Taking a cue from its rich pink and white colors, Squirrel Brand made the audacious choice to launch Ruby Royale in time for one of the most competitive holidays in the snack industry: Valentine’s Day. That’s where we came in.

We asked ourselves: how exactly does a nut brand reclaim a holiday that’s known for champagne and chocolates? By transforming perceptions of the holiday itself — with the help of famed drag artist Latrice Royale.


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Ruby Royale.


Turning challenge into opportunity.

Squirrel Brand faced an uphill battle. Nuts didn’t even remotely register as a gift option for Valentine’s Day among US consumers. And overall, nuts and trail mixes were falling behind in the snack category. Consumers considered them healthy but boring.

In these challenges, we saw opportunity. Just like the nuts category, the Valentine’s Day gift industry was long overdue for a refresh — and Ruby Royale was perfectly positioned to shake things up on both fronts.

Joining forces with Latrice.

Love is complex, nuanced, and often unexpected. If it had to assume a physical form, it’d probably be closer to a decadent nut mix like Ruby Royale than a conventional box of chocolates. So we turned to an influencer who could help us celebrate a more inclusive and non-conforming view of love: world-renowned drag artist Latrice Royale. A fan-favorite from RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 and RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars, the partnership seemed fated from the outset – and not just because of the shared "Royale" name. Latrice’s warmth, confidence, and larger-than-life personality (not to mention her popular catchphrase "Eat it!") gave Ruby Royale the halo it needed to be embraced by younger tastemakers.

Latrice starred in a :60 video that introduced Ruby Royale to the public while reframing popularly held beliefs and gift-giving tropes around Valentine’s Day. Latrice also took over Squirrel Brand’s social media channels during the campaign and became the face of Ruby Royale on Google and Amazon display networks. And to jolt even the most staid of sales channels, Latrice went live on QVC twice to represent the product.


The work made an immediate impact, garnering millions of impressions in earned media. Latrice and Ruby Royale were both embraced with rave reviews and, within 10 days, Ruby Royale had temporarily sold out on Amazon.

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