Full Trans­paren­cy.

We helped Verizon leverage the transparency of blockchain to combat misinformation and set a bold new statement.


Radical transparency.

A new standard for corporate transparency.

In the days leading up to the 2020 U.S. election cycle, we launched Full Transparency by Verizon. A radical transparency technology platform built on a public, open-source blockchain service, Full Transparency has the potential to forever change the way companies communicate to their audiences. Nearly 60% of consumers globally believe that the media they use is contaminated with untrustworthy information.* Businesses can mislead the market and their customers without being held to account. Bad actors can exploit vulnerabilities in a corporate newsroom or media organization’s security and publish falsehoods under a veneer of credibility. Such risks not only imperil the brand safety of organizations, but the health and wellbeing of institutions and citizens.

Based on intuitive design patterns, the Full Transparency interface clearly shows a permanent record of Verizon’s corporate news and information changes written to the Blockchain without distracting from the content itself. Accuracy stances, through badging and other visual cues help people understand sources, assess information, and share with confidence.


Verizon Full Transparency



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Initiating a necessary conversation around corporate transparency.

Full Transparency's goal is to change the way corporate newsrooms provide visibility to their readers and hold themselves accountable for what they communicate to the public. With Full Transparency, news releases published to the Verizon Newsroom are secured and bound using cryptographic principles, so that subsequent changes can be tracked and contextualized.

The data is continuously verified via an immutable chain, ensuring transparency for all audiences, while initiating a conversation about the role and responsibilities companies have in fighting misinformation.

What we did.

Our cross-functional, global team drove the holistic initiative from concept through to branding, design, engineering, and go-to-market activations. Launched just five days before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the initiative has been featured in more than 60 articles, generating over

800 million media impressions, and ultimately demonstrating how technology can help organizations take a stand for themselves and their audiences.

Media impressions since product launch.
Articles that have featured the experience.

It’s rare to find an agency that brings such an interesting, innovative idea to the table but then also knows how to design and engineer the product.

Mariana Agathoklis, Vice President of Corporate & Business Communications, Verizon.

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