Bringing truth to a world of misinformation through an innovative tool, with transparency at its core.


Becoming a transformational thought leader in an era of uncertainty and polarization.

Combating the threats of misinformation with open-source, blockchain-based technology.

Building trust with a new logo, interface and badging system to denote verified information.

The Partnership

In today’s polarized and volatile global climate, the failure to ensure accuracy of information can come at immeasurable cost.

To give assurance to journalists, analysts, investors, and the general public - and to start a national conversation - we launched Full Transparency by Verizon, an open-source, blockchain-based technology that provides a single source of digital provenance, enabling people to fact-check the Verizon information they consume and use.

A 16 month process from concept to delivery, our approach was designed to build trust, ensure safety and enable ease of use. With all press releases committed to the blockchain containing a change log, transparency was built into our solution. Users could see every revision made to a given content record, its date and by whom it was made. The interface and unobtrusive badging system aided adoption, understanding and continued use.

Full Transparency by Verizon launched in run-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election, when misinformation had reached unprecedented levels. It positioned Verizon as a transformational thought leader and change-maker, using an emerging technology as a tool for change while leading meaningful global conversation.

The Work

Restored public trust

Driving integrity in online content and transparency in corporate newsrooms.

Openness built-in

Reflecting changes in published news releases through an adaptive interface.

Fostering adoption

Facilitating engagement and driving uptake through a white paper.

An expression and instrument for transparency

Every news release plays an educational role, driving understanding of the technology.

Building trust through design

Integration of a badging system, giving audiences confidence in the information they see.

The Results
1 billion
Media impressions.

1,000 uploads
Corporate announcements on Full Transparency.

10+ accolades
Recognized by industry leading bodies.

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