A breakthrough way of measuring organizational creativity

Creative Capital Index

Our proprietary algorithm enables organizations to determine where their creative capital is strong and where it's lacking. Decisive action follows, unlocking potential.

How CCI works.

Through the analysis of billions of data points collected over more than two years, we discovered the relationship between organizational creativity and company growth. We developed our proprietary CCI algorithm to model that relationship and learned that applying organizational creativity to three key areas has the biggest impact on growth.


Measures how a brand aligns its values, behaviors and core promise.


Measures the relevancy and value of products and services.


Measures the quality of overall experience delivered to customers across their journey.

Partnering with us to raise your organization’s Creative Capital

It can enable you to: 

  • Measure your organization’s Creative Capital relative to the competition

  • Understand which way it's trending 

  • Evaluate which areas in your business are benefitting from organizational creativity and which ones are not

  • Identify where you can apply organizational creativity to accelerate business growth

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