Staying Accountable 2024.

At Huge, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives keep us steadfast in our framework of making Huge Moves. Our ongoing pursuit involves evolving into a globally recognized company that champions diversity, equity, and inclusivity, contributing to our unique narrative. Presenting our 2024 global DE&I Impact Report.

Communicating this data within our organization and to the public is integral to our continuous action plan for DE&I at Huge. We are committed to publishing this data annually, ensuring transparency and accountability in our efforts.

DE&I is ingrained in our DNA, and "Never Done" is a common phrase when it comes to doing the work of an anti-racist company. Our efforts have concentrated on various crucial areas, including comprehensive training for inclusivity, active involvement in affinity groups, promoting supplier diversity expenditure, fostering partnerships, and contributing to social impact.

The diversity data available compares US full-time employees in 2023 to data based on total US full-time employees as of January 1, 2024.

1. Overall U.S employee base by gender and ethnicity.

Huge has seen a 1% increase in female-identifying representation and a 1% increase in BIPOC representation since 2023.

2. LGBTQ+ & Non-binary.

Huge is proud to share a breakdown of LGBTQ+ & non-binary reporting. Of those who elected to participate, 8.2% of our total population identified as LGBTQ+ & non-binary. The graph reflects the breakdown of only LGBTQ+ & non-binary identified employees which represents any person(s) who participated in our self-identification program as of 2023 to include those who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, a gender identity not listed, or a sexual orientation other than heterosexual that was not listed. The number of respondents identifying as Gay or Lesbian has increased by 21%.

3. Breakdown by intersectionality.

The chart shows the intersectionality between ethnicity and gender. For ethnicity, we have increased our Black female population by +1% since 2023. Based on the chart, you can see that we skew more female identities across the majority of racial identities. We have maintained levels for most other ethnicities.

4. Gender representation by seniority.

This chart represents the gender breakdown at three levels of seniority in the organization. We have increased our female population at the Executive level by 14% since 2023 and 3% at the Professional (Lead and below) level.

5. Race / ethnicity representation by seniority.

We have increased BIPOC representation at the Manager level by 3% and the Professional level by 2% since 2023.

6. New hires.

Although our new hires for 2023 skewed more towards male identifying talent this was in effort to maintain parity given our tremendous efforts in female identifying hiring over the past two years.

7. Summary.

First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks goes out to every person at Huge for your hard work and commitment during these challenging times. Although 2023 was a tough year within Huge and the industry at large, we remained committed to retaining our top talent and continuing to deliver results to clients and talent overall. We continue to increase the percentage of women in leadership with opportunities at the executive ranks, and we have maintained our BIPOC representation across most levels. While there has been growth in both women and BIPOC employees, progress is still needed. We recognize that making strides in our recruiting efforts at key ranks is necessary in keeping our commitment of increasing women and BIPOC at the Executive levels.

This past year, we’ve formed our first-ever Black talent strategy workforce, a group dedicated to fostering an environment that celebrates and harnesses the unique contributions of our Black talent. We strategize on how we can increase our Black talent pipeline through partnerships with diverse suppliers, schools, and organizations committed to bringing Black talent to the forefront. This past year we also collaborated with department leaders to create a plan focused on providing detailed priorities within each department, aligning them with our global DE&I strategy. Establishing consistency across the board is our goal while ensuring tangible impacts at the grassroots level.

We have launched expanded DEI training to include our DEI Micro-learning series, Inclusive Leadership and  race equity education for managers and leaders providing our leaders with a clearer understanding of how institutions, systems, and the people in them are producing unjust and inequitable outcomes.

This past year, we’ve also introduced our Huge Moves for Humanity series, our internal global speaker series where we’ve invited people making huge moves in the world to speak to us on various topics, like how to be an anti-racist company, disability justice, anti-trans legislation and more.

We continue to be committed to our four tenets of Staying Accountable, Business Impact, Anti-Racist Company, and Social Impact. Under our Social Impact tenet, our focus is strategically centered on the pillars of Racial Equity & Justice, Voting Rights, Human Rights, and Climate & Sustainability. We understand by centering our focus in these areas, we can increase our impact more profoundly and will continue seeking partnerships and ways to be a catalyst for change.

Lastly, we have made significant progress in our supplier diversity data since 2020. In 2023, Huge spent over $18M USD and over $2M CAD in diverse spending in Huge U.S. and Huge Canada on diverse external partnerships. We kept sustainability in mind as a large portion of our efforts and diverse spending contributed to our exciting new headquarters, Dock72, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NYC with a 30% diverse supplier commitment resulting in $4M in additional spend. In total in the US, we spent $22M with diverse suppliers for the year which is a $18M increase from 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to see where we’ve been, where we’re going, and the work we have left to do. Here’s to making Huge Moves — together.

Toni Howard Lowe Global Chief DE&I Officer

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