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Defining the future.

A decade helping to drive Google's biggest bets, from billion-user surfaces to the everyday products that make our world tick.

It started with one project. In 2012, Google asked us to consolidate 25 disparate marketing blogs into a single publishing platform. The result: the launch of the now industry-leading thought leadership platform Think with Google. But it also marked the launch of a partnership that has grown to include countless products and initiatives, supported by a dozen Huge offices across four continents.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped Google innovate on their most important digital products, reimagine their most iconic brands, evolve how they talk to the world, and even influence how they think about their own organization. (And that’s just the work we can talk about.) It’s a partnership built on trust, collaboration, and passion for Google’s mission to be the most helpful company in the world. Let’s just say, we’re in it for the long haul.


  • Branding.
  • Experiential.
  • Products & platforms.
  • Strategy.

Defining the future of ___.

First, the big stuff. The off-the-record industry-changing stuff. In 2020, we continued in our role as a go-to partner for some of Google’s top-tier product work. We’ve designed net new revenue-driving products and co-created future visions for entire domains (think consumer and business products, across a variety of categories). And it’s not just the hush-hush nature of this work that gets us out of bed. It’s that we’re helping create better iterations of billion-user surfaces—and potentially creating better experiences for each and every user. In 2020, we also launched the totally revamped YouTube blog, helping give the brand that brought up an entire generation a voice. And we launched the digital home for Google TV, showcasing its category-shaking features via a dynamic and interactive web experience.

An iconic brand, refreshed. A partnership expanded.

What happens when an open-source platform with an open-source brand needs to update, well, everything? After 12 years (and 2.5 billion users), Android was ready to do just that. No pressure. Huge got to work: using Android’s most iconic asset—the robot logo—as a foundation, we launched an entirely new brand identity, new font (Android Euclid), and global design system that was ownable by Google while being more accessible and inclusive to everyone around the world. This coincided with a completely new, in which we significantly streamlined the user flows, making the site more clear, purposeful, and accessible. The year also marked a new era in our partnership. To continue helping with Google's biggest bets, we activated a dedicated team to collaborate closely with teams across Assistant, Android, Chrome, Chromebooks, and Play.

Innovating in experiential & product.

Six years of partnership. Dozens of launches. Hundreds of thousands of hours. A late night or two. In 2018, we took on more work outside traditional marketing. We partnered with the Real Estate and Workplace Services team to reimagine the office space for a building set to open in 2021. The task? Create experiences that bring the building’s story to life for every employee. We designed and built a handful of permanent touchpoints in the building, from inspiring sculptural interventions to an interactive live-data light installation. At the same time, we began working with a few strategic teams within Google on digital product work, imagining and reimagining products from the ground up. And, hey, just because we can’t tell you more about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Powering positive human impact.

We believe in Google’s core drive to improve opportunity and create equity for everyone. So in 2017, we were thrilled to get a few opportunities to help Google tell the world more about its work. For the Diversity team, we helped amplify the narrative around Google’s diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments—designing them a more helpful, user-friendly digital home. For, Google’s philanthropic arm, we were asked to help better spotlight stories of real impact created by the organization's grantees and partners. Along with new visual design, we created a scalable editorial system, allowing to more clearly communicate their work to their key audiences. And finally, we launched the new digital platform for Google for Education. The launch of the site came after a year of strategic collaboration around how Google should address education and learning as a brand.

Telling Google's most important stories.

Press. Policy-makers. Consumers. Influencers. Everyone. This is the audience for any and all of Google’s communications about their products and company updates. So in 2016, it was critical to help the Google communications team consolidate dozens of disparate public-facing team blogs into a single platform. And like Think with Google, this was a simple ask that sparked a long-term partnership. Huge has collaborated with The Keyword team on strategy, design and development for content, product, newsletters, and even executive thought leadership.

Blending physical & digital.

How do you get more people to visit the Google Store? Make something really freaking cool. We were asked by the Hardware and Accessories team to create an experience that would improve awareness and have people flock to the Google Store. Enter Live Case. The idea was simple: Users could upload their own images, Google Maps, or custom artwork to customize a smartphone case in real-time. Huge designed and built the digital experience, which featured 3D rendering and immersive viewpoints. The results? Live Case surpassed initial sales predictions by 300% in the first three months alone, with rave reviews from industry publications like The Verge, Wired, and Refinery29.

Empowering designers.

This was it. The ask every Huge designer and UX fanatic was drooling to answer: How does Google transform from a search company to a design-led company? And how can we help? We developed a fully responsive website for Google Material Design that presented an accessible, comprehensive specifications guide, illustrating Google’s universal design language look and feel with unprecedented scope. The site played a central role in the design and development of Google Platform apps—helping usher in new guidelines and an updated visual identity.

Products & platforms.

Enabling thought leadership at scale.

Our first born. Let us take you back. In 2012, Think with Google launched. The big idea: centralize and focus Google’s thought leadership in the marketing space. Oh, and really show off those consumer insights that only Google could possess. Huge embarked on a massive technology and content strategy effort to consolidate 25 disparate blogs. Once the new platform launched, we also worked with the newly formed Think team on editorial strategy, creative, and production. Since the site's launch in 2012, Huge has remained a key partner for the Think team, working on everything from redesigns to product management to interactive articles. Think with Google is now the marketing industry's source for cutting-edge thought leadership.