Partnering with Google to drive their biggest bets, from everyday products to platforms of the future.


Influencing the design and experience of some of the world's most used surfaces and products.

Bringing Google's platforms and ecosystem products and services to market through impactful digital experiences.

Generating insights and ideas that inspire the next evolution of products and services for Google.

The Partnership

Founded with the mission of organizing the world's information, today Google continues to push the boundaries of innovation to enable knowledge to be universally accessible.

In 2012 we joined Google on that mission by launching the industry-leading, thought leadership platform Think with Google. Over 11 years on, our partnership has grown with initiatives that are defining new normals for billions of Google users.

We have collaborated with Google to innovate key products, reimagine their most iconic brands, optimize how they communicate with the world, and influence their internal operations.

As Google’s trusted partner for product initiatives, we’ve iterated platforms such as YouTube and Search, plus designed new revenue-driving products while co-creating future visions for entire domains. Highlights of our partnership include reimagining the Google Cloud Building, blending the physical and digital to create an ambitious, sustainable space and leading the Android rebrand, creating a global design system that’s architected with inclusivity at its core.

The Work

Real-life, relatable storytelling

Dynamic interactions that represents the advantages of owning a car with Google Built-in.

Sharing the magic of a connected ecosystem

Driving consideration and growing market share through one single destination for Google Built-In.

Seamlessly blending physical and digital

Creating innovative digital installations within Google’s most sustainable workplace at 237 Moffett Park Drive.

Building global destinations

Designing an interactive hub to bring Google’s smart home devices to life.

Engagement through brand storytelling

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Chromebooks with an experience highlighting its history, vision, and future features.

Scaling global design systems

Responsive design systems, enabling cohesion across Google’s most critical platforms and surfaces.

The Results
1 billion users
Monthly interactions with our experiences.

100+ engagements
Google products, brands and teams served.

11 years
A partnership that continues to grow.

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