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Customer Experience.

Delicious experiences have always been unique to the McDonald’s menu. Delivering these moments throughout our 5-year long partnership, we can certainly say we’re lovin’ it.

Beginning our relationship as McDonald’s global UX design partner in 2017, we started the customer experience transformation across web, mobile app, and in-restaurant touchpoints.

Leveraging user insights, research, business strategy and decades of design leadership, we’ve evolved the digital brand to help McDonald’s achieve its goal of delivering best-in-class experiences in the quick service restaurant category.


  • Branding.
  • Copywriting.
  • Commerce.
  • Experience Design.
  • Product Strategy.
  • Service Design.

One design, across the entire globe.

One of our first initiatives was designing McDonald’s new global website platform. Minimizing the need for custom components and development, we allowed for reduced time and cost when implementing new features--a key pain point for markets. Leveraging standardized tools, we created a cohesive design using the AEM platform, so that all markets could contribute while maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Ba da ba ba bold ecommerce.

In 2018, we collaborated with McDonald’s product leads to marry both the business and customer needs. Prioritizing the key points of the customer journey, we revolutionized ecommerce across McDonald’s global mobile app and self-service kiosks found within thousands of restaurants around the world. Focusing on seamless ordering, we devised a digital commerce strategy that made it easy for customers to enjoy McDonald's when, where, and just how they want it.

The path to frictionless.

Taking a look at the customer experience across the McDonald’s digital ecosystem, we evaluated the existing data and core digital strategy in an effort to map out customer journeys. Then, we introduced new order paths focused on the user and created a 2-year north star roadmap for McDonald’s global digital products in order to considerably cut down on friction. Bringing forward the feel-good moments you expect at McDonald’s to the self-service kiosks, we centered our designs on celebrating the food. Through our clear product hierarchy, we were able to create flexibility in ordering as well as a simple process for a customer to order their regular coffee in two steps instead of five.

More ways to order, faster, and easier.

Traditionally, McDonald's customer touch points, channels and operations were focused on drive thru and front counter business. Today, we’ve seen an increase in customer needs, preferences, as well as the expansion of product features and fulfillment options. To help meet these changing needs, we addressed the primary elements of the app to reduce the effort needed to reorder common products. By introducing ordering features such as quick action sheets, we’ve allowed customers to add a Big Mac to their bag in just three taps.

And the reward goes to...

As the app evolved with improved ordering capabilities and new product needs, we were able to seamlessly expand the experience to allow customers to order through multiple channels, including delivery and drive thru. And in 2020, we designed McDonald’s first-ever digital loyalty program — MyMcDonald’s Rewards, which was a reward in itself, launching in the U.S. market in July 2021 with sweet success.

Loyalty becomes the gateway to knowing your customer, and then once you know your customer you can imagine all the other benefits that come out of that.

Chris Kempczinski, President & CEO of McDonald’s.

Taking the Golden Arches to new heights.

In 2021, we took our partnership with the McDonald’s global brand to a whole new level. Maintaining an engaging, yet consistent representation of the brand remains an imperative goal of ours as digital product development continues advance across over 85 markets at any given time. With over 3 million people using the app and kiosks in thousands of restaurants, we know the importance of prioritizing delicious moments and irresistible experiences.

Serving up a delicious design system.

We developed the first true digital representation of McDonald’s, not to mention a single collection of accessibility-first product patterns and best practices to be utilized at scale for future use. This digital design system was intricately designed to flex across all platforms, markets, languages and customer needs.

I want our customers to reap the benefits of our work through seamless, consistently enjoyable McDonald’s experiences... in 39,000 restaurants around the world.

Daniel Henry, Global CIO of McDonald’s.

Some fries with that.

#1 downloaded food & beverage app in the U.S. in 2021.

Hot off the griddle.