Turning connection into commerce through a brand-forward, human-centered experience.


Delivering a modernized e-commerce experience to the brand’s largest DTC channel

Imbuing new brand purpose into a historically transactional touchpoint

Developing the beacon for both the digital and physical brand ecosystem 

The Partnership

M&M’S, a leading brand in the Mars Wrigley confectionery portfolio, was tasked with doubling its revenue and adding 30M+ intimate relationships to their D2C consumer portfolio. 

We took a human-centered, brand-focused approach to reimagining their digital experience. Focusing on gift giving which accounted for 90% of site sales, we unlocked and converted new market segments to develop repeat, lifetime customer value.

Through in-depth research across three countries, in-store analysis of digital to physical touchpoints, and targeted business and content strategy, our experience enabled M&M’S to show up as champions of fun and connection, building brand strength, loyalty, and equity. 

Our customer experience deepened relationships with customers, shifting focus from past product lines to how they create connections. The streamlined eCommerce experience targeted the lucrative gen-z market by showing up authentically with brand purpose, action, and credibility. This website also served as the design standard of product and purpose for in-store digital gifting experience and the in-store personalized product kiosk.

The Work

The essence of M&M’S in every interaction

Balancing an efficient user experience with moments of surprise and delight.

An immersive experience that inspires

Meeting our customers where they are by reflecting who they are.

Reimagining the eCommerce experience

Living up to their broader purpose to “create better moments that make the world smile.” 

The Results
15% increase
Conversion following .com redesign

5% increase
Average order value

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