Merging Artificial Intelligence with art to redefine the way the world sees color.



Merging art, science and technology to define a new model for creativity. 

Immersive brand storytelling through a 10,000 sq ft experiential space.

Co-branded product lines with key partners.

The Partnership

Pantone is the world’s benchmark for classifying color and their Color of the Year serves as a reflection of the times. In 2023 our expertise in AI would enable people to see color like never before.

As Pantone’s agency of record we collaborated for the launch of the 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta.  In doing so we took a brand with roots in print into the Magentaverse, enabling audiences to not just see color, but engage with the meaning of it.

Viva Magenta is a color that encourages experimentation. It’s a hybrid, new red that speaks of technology being inspired by nature and of seeing life from new perspectives. For launch we took our lead from the color’s story, extending the realms of our imagination by co-creating with the AI generative tool, Midjourney. 

What resulted was an immersive world showcased at Artechouse during Miami Art Basel. Beyond a multi-sensory experience the color broke into the mainstream, leading debate about AI’s role within creativity and influencing brands to design products for the color.

Case Study: Secondary Image

The Work

Co-creation with Artificial Intelligence

Establishing a new model for concepting and execution.

Color immersion

10,000 sq ft explorative space to drive engagement and conversation.

Pantone Main Image

Brand partnerships

Product lines inspired by the story of Viva Magenta.

Science of story

Definition of the anatomy of a prompt to inspire inventive and meaningful content.

A unified campaign

Holistic messaging to activate the creative community across industries and verticals.

The Results
#1 globally
Most searched Color of the Year in history.

53 billion
Total impressions.

20 million
Organic views on Instagram.

25% increase
Pantone searches.

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