Shifting public perception of NFTs and driving adoption, for a brand that represents the future of Web3.


Uplift in awareness and growth of activity on the blockchain.

Engagement and education through real-time NFT minting.

Design and delivery of multiple, full-scale experiential activations.

The Partnership

The future of the internet is being built on Tezos, the open-source blockchain where user participation and governance lie at its core.

Over the past two years, we’ve taken the sustainable, self-upgradeable blockchain brand into the mainstream, while turning the skepticism and hesitance felt by the crypto-curious into immersive engagement.

The skepticism felt by creators and builders towards the adoption of blockchain and AI stemmed from one question: What is the role for humanity in an increasingly machine-driven, creative process?

Our strategy took us to Art Basel to demonstrate the future of ownership, value and creativity of NFTs. An experiential activation headlined by the renowned pioneer of AI art, Mario Klingemann, invited audiences to interact with his algorithm to generate unique self-portraits and mint them as NFTs in real-time. In support was a curated gallery of international NFT artists plus a speaker series where audiences could examine the larger questions about creating art in a digitally native world.

Following Art Basel we collaborated on an interactive brand activation at SXSW to explore how culture is reimagined in Web3. Titled Block/Space, the immersive spaces enabled visitors to experience blockchain innovations, learn from Tezos makers, and make professional connections.

The Work

Commitment to creators

Demonstrating that Tezos is the place where creativity and culture come together.

Increased brand awareness

Taking an unknown brand into the mainstream to become a leader within the NFT space.

Web3 education

Demystifying NFTs and the broader intersection of Web3, blockchain, art and culture.


Exploring the convergence of blockchain tech with AI, XR, gaming, and digital identity.

The bridge between audiences

Sparking network activity and creating connections between brands, makers, and consumers.

The Results
7,699 NFTs
Minted and distributed across experiences.

2.2 million
Thought leadership views during Art Basel.

980 million
Earned impressions at SXSW in 3 days.

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